MGA1 BBQ-Smoking Shelter Log Cabin

Our Range of log cabins are designed and built to the highest of standards yet offering exceptional value for money.

  • External Dimensions 3.1m x 3.1m
  • Internal Dimensions 2812mm x 2812mm
  • Eaves Height 1986.5mm
  • Apex Height 2500mm
  • Front & Back Overhangs. 300mm (approx)
  • Side overhangs 300mm (approx)

Available Sizes

  • 3.1m x 4m
  • 3.1m x 5m
  • 4m x 3.1m
  • 4m x 4m
  • 4m x 5m
  • 5m x 3.1m
  • 5m x 4m
  • 5m x 5m
  • Bespoke sizes


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