Terms of Business

All orders are accepted under the terms and conditions of sale. These constitute as a legally binding contract.


Any base provided by the customer or third party shall be the responsibility of the customer. The base must be solid, flat, level and the correct size for the building being purchased. If an adequate base has not been prepared upon arrival, the building will be left stored, unassembled, at the customer’s premises. A £50,00 revisit charge will have to be paid in advance if fitters are to return and complete assembly.

Electrical Package

Our Electrical Package Includes Installation of upto 5 x White Double Plug Sockets, 5 x White Aluminium 5 amp Down Lights, 1 x Single Pole Light Switch & 1 x 3 Way RCD Protected Sub Board. Please Note: Electrical package ONLY includes the installation of the above items inside your chosen building. For our electricians to connect up the electrical package you must have a suitable Electrical supply at the point of where the building is installed, that is also up to current electrical standards & regulations.


Delivery dates are quoted as accurately as possible but circumstances beyond our control may result in the date of delivery being charged. Delivery dates/times cannot be guaranteed.
Fair and reasonable access must be provided to the intended site. Under NO circumstances will components be carried over garage roofs, fences, hedges etc. Please consider the dimensions of the building when ordering.

If building is 8ft wide or greater it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure there is access. In the event of access not being satisfactory the customer will be charged 15% on the total cost of building. This will compensate for the building to be made in small sections for access.

No claim for damage or discrepancy can be considered unless a claim is made in writing within seven days of the receipt of the goods. We cannot accept any claim for loss of earning or consequential losses should a further visit be required. The company reserves the right to make such changes to the design and materials as it feels fit in line with its policy of continued development, No prior notice will be given.


All invoices must be paid in full before delivery. Payment terms are credit/debit. card or cash payment.

All goods remain the property of the Company until paid for in full.


The customer reserved the right to cancel the goods at any time giving the Company written notice, but in such circumstances a fair and reasonable price shall be paid for all work in progress at the time of cancellation.


In the event of any claim, the Sellers liability will in no circumstances exceed the cost of the defective piece(s). Liability does not cover any damages caused by storms, high winds or adverse weather conditions. Ensure your building is covered by your household policy, all buildings are built to the same high standard as the show models. On sites which are in exposed position we would advise customers to carry out extra work that may be required to ensure stability and safety.


All buildings carry a 10 year guarantee against rot, subject to the building being re-treated annually with suitable wood preserver. The first coat treatment must be applied within one week of the building being erected; if the building is to be stored outdoors unassembled then it must be covered by a suitable covering.

Please note that timber being a natural product may have inherent defects such as knots, splits and resin pockets. Felt is excluded this includes felt being blown off or damaged by storm/severe weather, ripping/bubbles in the felt caused by changes in temperature.

It is not considered as a defect and any responsibility will not be accepted.